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*[http://www.shannonmccolley.com/index.php?/albums/15th-anniversary-party/ Eniara's Pictures]
[[Anniversary Party 2016 Picture Gallery]]
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[[Category:Anniversary Parties]]
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[[Category: 2016 Parties]]
[[Category:Anniversary Party 2016]]
[[Category:Anniversary Party 2016]]

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Anni15 Placerville logo-lg.png
Anniversary Party 2016
Location Placerville, California, USA
Date April 1-4, 2016
Local Liaison Eleyan Al'Landerin

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Main article: Anniversary Party 2016 Schedule



Amyrlin's Tournament Champion

Test of Intelligence (Trivia)

Team Suck

Test of Strength (Sumo Wrestling)

Test of Wit (Entertainment)

Guest Star
  • Jason Denzel

Test of Agility (Sword Fighting)


Main article: Anniversary Party 2016 Attendance List

27 people attended.


Anniversary Party 2016 Picture Gallery