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Asha'man, in the Old Tongue “Guardians”, is the name given by Rand al'Thor to the men who trained with Mazrim Taim to use saidin. On joining, they are known as soldiers, as they progress and reach an undefined level, they are awarded a sword pin for their lapel and become Dedicated. Eventually, once their control and ability is sufficient, they are given a Dragon pin and are Asha'man. Unlike Aes Sedai, Asha'man are not turned out for being too weak (LoC, Ch. 42). They train quickly, and expand using Traveling to actively search out recruits. Within a few months, there are almost four hundred and fifty men at the Black Tower, not including deserters and those who burned themselves out or died due to the forced nature of the training (TPoD, Ch. 14). In addition to learning to channel, they also learn the sword under Henre Haslin (LoC, Ch. 11) and unarmed comabt under Saeric (LoC, Ch. 42)

The Asha'man are primarily used as weapons, though some, such as Damer Flinn exhibit great skill at Healing (ACoS, Ch. 36). They were first tested in battle at Dumai's Wells, where they rescued Rand from the Aes Sedai who had captured him, killing thousands of Shaido in the process. They were since used to push the Seanchan out of Illian (TPoD, Ch. 22) and later sent into Arad Doman to bring stability to the country and protect it from the Seanchan (KoD, Ch. 18).

Despite the recruitment process, which seeks out men wanting to fight for the Dragon Reborn (LoC, Ch. 11), many of the men are loyal to Taim first (CoT, Ch. 24), Toveine considers that there are three camps, those following Taim, those following Logain and those who are unaware there are any camps (CoT, Prologue). Logain himself believes that Taim cannot be trusted and has turned against Rand (CoT, Ch. 24). This is born out by the fact he placed the names of the men who Rand had with him on the traitor's tree (CoT, Prologue) and that he allowed Pevara to find men to bond, despite Rand having already secured an arrangement with the Salidar Aes Sedai (Knife of Dreams, Epilogue).

The Asha'man have also developed their own form of the Warder bond and surprisingly seem to get on well with the Aes Sedai they bonded


Cats will not abide an Asha'man

Asha'man Characters

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“An asha'man was a man who defended truth and justice and right for everyone. A guardian who would not yield even when hope was gone." The Light knew, hope would go when Tarmon Gai'don came,if not before. "That is what you are here to become. When you finish your training, you will be Asha'man." (Rand, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 42).

I have the honor to report that twenty-nine Asha'-man, ninetyseven Dedicated and three hundred twenty-two Soldiers are now enrolled at the Black Tower. There have been a handful of deserters, unfortunately, whose names have been stricken, but losses in training remain acceptable. I now have as many as fifty recruiting parties in the field at any given time, with the result that three or four men are added to the rolls almost every day. In a few months, the Black Tower will equal the White, as I said it would. In a year, Tar Valon will tremble at our numbers. I harvested that blackberry bush myself. A small bush, and thorny, but a surprising number of berries for the size. (Letter from Mazrim Taim, The Path of Daggers, Chapter 14).