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Author: Kitan Tataru

Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from A Memory of Light, Chapter 9.


A Seed is a ter'angreal that is used to create angreal. It draws a channeler's Power and instills it into another object. Using a Seed to create an angreal takes time and weakens the channeler for several months.

Rand gives a Seed to Elayne before going to the Pit of Doom to fight the Last Battle. The Seed he gives her is a small statue of a mature, smiling woman with a wise look about her. Though she is wearing a shawl, she does not look like an Aes Sedai.


"You have the Talent of creating ter'angreal. Creating angreal requires a different process. ...when I found it, forgotten, I thought of you. I had wondered what I could give you." (Rand speaking to Elayne about a Seed; A Memory of Light, Chapter 9)